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Marathon Participants

How to run a Marathon?

The full Experience from entering the race...

...to the finish line.

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Marathon Experience! My name is Jeremy and I am going to attempt to run my first Marathon on the 5th of April 2020 in Paris. Follow me in this incredible experience! I am not a professional who can give you 5 stars rated advice, the only thing I have to offer is the exact and pure honest truth about what happens in your life wen you train and run a Marathon for the first time. I will compile here and on my social media the maximum feedback about this experience, hoping that you will decide to follow me in the adventure. Stay tuned !


Who is talking to you?

Every time you get an advice from someone, the key is to know who is giving the advice. Why is this person telling me this? What is his opinion on this topic? So come here and read who is giving you the honest truth about How to Run a Marathon.


During this amazing experience I will be posting my runs on Strava and Facebook and give you some insights on Instagram. Subscribe to the Newsletter to get live update and download my training plan. Let's create together a big community of marathons beginners and runners and achieve our goals together!

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