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Who am I?

My name is Jeremy, I am a french guy, I live in the UK, I enjoy running and challenging myself. I discovered running around 5 years ago and I have never been really good at it I must say. I got better obviously, but I have never been great. I found out that actually, you don't need to be great at it to enjoy it 100% and you don't need to be great at it to push yourself either. Therefore after doing several 10K and half-marathons, I have decided to push myself even more and attempt to run my first Marathon. It will be the Paris 2020 Marathon.

To give you a good understanding of my level: I run between once and 3 times a week for 3 years-ish. I like hiking as well, the longest hike I have ever done was the GR20 in 13 days, a famous 16 steps trail along Corsica. This was one of the biggest challenges I have accomplished and something I am very proud of. 

I have a 40 to 50 weekly hours job as an Engineer so not much time for running and I also enjoy very much the comfortable laziness of a Sunday in my couch eating pizza. Oups I probably shouldn't have said that but that is what the Marathon Experience really is about: giving you the honest truth.

Yes, I have already spent 3 months without a single run.

Yes, I have sometimes gained like 18 lbs (8kg) just because I don't always feel motivated by healthy food or hard training.

and Yes, even with all of that I am still 100% sure that I have it in me to run a Marathon! 

So follow me in this incredible experience and find out if you have this in you or not. Find out my training and daily struggle on How to run Marathon.