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Marathon Training

I studied a training plan that my mother-in-law gave me in December and shaped it to my goals. I just wanted to run a marathon until the end, without a real-time target. But I knew that I needed to set up a basic pace that I would try to follow during the run so I decided to target a sub 4 hours marathon. It didn't mean much at the time, as I would have been perfectly happy with a time of 5 hours, as long as I could call myself a marathoner. But I had to set a goal so I went with 4 hours. Therefore, determine my marathon pace and I adapted the training according to that.


There is one thing I know about big long term projects like running a marathon, it's that if you are a beginner you have to keep things simple. I have seen a lot of articles and even books explaining how you should monitor your heart rate, your cadence, etc... I agree that it is important when you want to progress. But in my situation, I had no progress to make, I was just about to do my first performance so I needed something simple.

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